One Killed: Camera records LIVE Firing in Hospital (video)

Madhya Pradesh May 14,2015: A man shot his own friend after being under the influence of alcohol in a Government hospital in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, resulting in the death of one and injuries sustained to another. The whole event was captured on the CCTV cameras installed at the hospital. An argument had broken out amongst the 3 friends who had been drinking, after which they all returned to their own homes. But one of the men named Vimlesh returned to the home of his friend Sanju and shot him. Sanju was taken to the hospital and Vimlesh followed to ensure he had not survived. At the hospital the 3rd friend Dharmendar was present with a gun, upon seeing Dharmendar armed, Vimlesh attempted to flee from the hospital but Dharmendar caught him and shot him twice, killing him on the spot. Dharmendar then fled from the scene and Sanju us undergoing medical treatment at the hospital

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