Navtej Singh Gugu Exposes Drug Traffickers On Singn Boards In Punjab (Video)

Punjab ,Gurdaspur 24 March 2015: In a surprise move, organizations named Sabh Da Bhalla Humanity Club and Action Against Drug Committee (Regd.) floated flex boards in Gurdaspur district publishing names of alleged drug paddlers in the district. According to Navtej Singh Gaggu, administrator of these organizations, people of Gurdaspur have extended massive response to their initiative.

The flex boards display a repeated message “Stop Them” asking the police and civil administration to stop named drug paddlers from distributing drugs.

“We have published names of drug certain paddlers and we want police to prevent them from operating”, said Navtej Singh Gaggu.

Names of alleged drug paddlers as published on flex boards by Navtej Singh Gaggu includes: Aman Verka Chowk, Shera Sekhariyan Mohalla, Chintu Kadi Hatti, Sheela (Ram Nagar), Rinka (son of Madan) Urban Estate, Sonu Githa (Ram Nagar), Badri Camp, Rinka (near Gurdaspur Fatak), Jaggu (opposite to Bajwa Hospital Qadian Gate), Buggi (Kapuri Gate), Laali (Hathi Gate), Sunny Tunda and Paasu’s girls and Kali (STD vala, Gandhi Camp – Capsule and injections).

Talking to media persons Navtej Singh Gaggu said he received many calls from various parts of Punjab in which people named drug paddlers of their area. ‘It shows that the problem of drugs abuse is wide-spread’, he added.

As per media reports, Batala police chief Inderbir Singh said that the district police was largely stationed outside the district in wake of Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab on March 23.

The police has not started any investigations against any of the persons named on flex boards, he reportedly added.

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