Nanak Shah Fakir movie: HC orders no clearance, no ban deferring next hearing to 23rd April

Chandigarh, April 15, 2015 : In response to a petition filed by Satpal Singh Duggri through his Counsel Ranjan Lakhanpal against the upcoming movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’, High Court has deferred the next hearing to 23rdApril implementing no release, no ban condition.

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High Court has issuedthe notice to the PunjabGovernment, Central Board of FilmCertification, Director General of Police, Producer Harinder Singh Sikka and other respondents on this Petition to present their side in court. Vacation Bench of Harinder Singh Sidhu denied implementing ban on the movie without debate.

News reported by a Punjabi Vernacular ‘Daily Ajit’ reveals that the petitioner is going to file L.P.A (Letter Patent Appeal) in High Court on April 15 to stop the release of the movie on April 17. It also reveals that Punjab Government holds the right to ban the movie using privileges available under sub-section (1) of Article 6 of Punjab Cinemas Regulation Act-1952.

Widespread anger against this movie in Sikh Nation has been observed worldwide. Sikh Sangat of USA, Australia, Canada and Australia have expressed strict opposition against the movie.

Huge Protests in Punjab and Delhi against this movie prior to its release shows that the conditions of Punjab might get disturbed if the Government refrainsfrom implementing ban on this movie. Students of Guru Nanak DevUniversity are reportedly said to have staged a huge protest against this movie in Amritsar on April 13.Beside this, the producer Harinder Singh Sikka was asked to clarify
about certain aspects of the movie by the Sikh Scholars. But the producer didn’t present his side till date. It can be revealed that this movie portrays Guru Nanak Sahib in human form, which is a violation of Sikh tenets and is unacceptable for Sikhs.

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