Nanak Shah Fakir film Director moves to Delhi HC against Harinder Sikka

Latest Update 3/13/2018 ~ Justice S. Muralidhar of Delhi High Court noted in his judgement pronounced on May 22, 2015 noted: “The parties have requested the Court to appoint a sole Arbitrator, in this petition itself, to adjudicate their disputes. The Court accordingly appoints Justice K.P.S. Radhakrishnan, a former judge of the Supreme Court, as sole Arbitrator to adjudicate their disputes, including their claims and counter-claims. The arbitration will take place under the aegis of the Delhi International Arbitration Centre (DAC). The fees of the learned Arbitrator will be in terms of the Delhi Arbitration Centre (Arbitrators Fees) Rules”. With these words the court disposed off the petition.

New Delhi, India 30 March 2015: The movie, Nanak Shah Fakir, has courted yet another controversy after write-director Sartaj Singh Pannu moved the Delhi High Court against producers Harinder Singh Sikka and Oscar winning sound artiste Resul Pookutty. It is notable that Harinder Sikka had been maintaining that he had directed the movie with “eternal grace”, and maintaining that it was result of that “eternal grace” that a person like him, who know nothing about photography or the filmmaking had made this movie.

Nanak Shah Fakir film Director moves to Delhi HC against Harinder Sikka
Sartaj Pannu (L) and Harinder Sikka (R) [File Photo]

But now Sartaj Singh Pannu has claimed that Harinder Sikka was propagating it all wrongfully as he (Sartaj Pannu) had directed the movie.

India Today (IT) quotes sources saying that the case has been filed by Sartaj Pannu with 60 testimonials, mostly from the members of the film crew.

According to India Today, the affidavit has also been signed by Tom Altar, who has played the role of Guru Nanak in the film.

Sartaj Pannu has claimed the support of two other artistes – Adil Hussain who plays the role of Rai Bhullar and Arif Zakaria who plays Bhai Mardana’s role.

Sartaj Pannu, in his petition, reportedly maintained that he had worked on the project as the film director for over two years. However, he “was taken aback” after noticing Harinder Sikka’s name as director in the movie trailer.

“I directed the film. I have filed a case against Gurbani Media Entertainment in the Delhi High Court. I respect Resul sir. But since he is a co-director of the company, a legal notice has also been sent to him,” Pannu said.

Meanwhile, Resul Pookutty has reportedly resigned as director of Gurbani Media Entertainment. “With the recent reports of my name dragged into unnecessary controversies I have resigned from the board of directors of #GurbaniMedia”, Resul Pookutty tweeted on March 28. Sartaj Pannu said that the hearings have already taken place on his plea and the decision is likely to be announced on April 7, 2015.

Meanwhile the protest of Sikh Sangat against the film is growing stronger. Various Sikh organizations have declared to oppose the film as this film violates and disrespect pious tenets that Sikh Gurus can not be picturized or depicted in films/ movies or dramas etc.

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