Movie Review: Gadaar The Traitor-A revolution of Punjabi cinema as well as people

Mohali 6 May 2015:In this movie ‘Gadaar The Traitor’, directed by Amitoj Maan, Harbhajan Maan appears in totally different role that we hasn’t discovered in his past films.Amitoj Mann, who has also acted in the film as Rachhpal Singh Chhandra,has given a good lift.The story begins with Manpneet Grewal giving an insight to the viewers about royal lifestyle of Jay Singh(Harbhajan Maan).Manpreet Grewal works for first time although her acting was not quite good but still appriciable also Ashish Duggal,Girja Shankar,Shavinder Mahal,Rupinder Roopi, Anita Meet, Tarsem Paul,Balkaram Wadding and bobby Sandhu are most highlighted actors in the movie also plays very important role according to their characters.What about Jay? He is a business man who works vigorously and been featured by top magazines.His journey towards success is difficult.

Amitoj Mann as Rachpal Singh Chandra in movie 'Gadaar The Traitor'
Amitoj Mann as Rachpal Singh Chandra in movie ‘Gadaar The Traitor’

The unique theme of this movie is the main feature of this film. Unique in the sense,as this movie is not based on Fake/Cheap love stories and just comedy as being shown in present coming movies.As this film is reminding the history and emotions of Punjab.It is notable that most of the released movies based on 1984, are blurred in front of this film.The story of this movie is actually the real story of thousands Sikh families of Punjab being tortured by Indian/Punjab Govt.The film, as reports have suggested, is based on the life of notorious Punjab police officer and human rights abuser Ajit Sandhu. Ajit had reportedly committed suicide on being named in multiple human rights abuse cases.

Amitoj Mann's Gadaar The Traitor released globally
Amitoj Mann’s Gadaar The Traitor released globally: Story of cop and human rights abuser Ajit Sandhu

Also this movie is not against the system but strictly against the tools being used by the culprit system in such kind of unlawful activities.As discussed above , Movie Character Surjit Sandhu(Ajit Sandhu),being used as a tool to complete their unlawful actions ordered by culprit system.The last few minutes ending of the movie still revolving around an honest CM of a culprit system.It can be concluded that this movie is totally a family film also someone will never hesitate to watch this movie twice or thrice.

On the social media, this movie has both positive and negative faces, instead few people are criticizing this movie only due to Harbhajan Mann because previously,Harbhajan Mann supported a political party in Punjab.But he already apologized for the same. Atleast these kind of people should think once that if he is presenting something related with our history and culture,we should welcome and encourage him so that in future if we ‘ll come forward together only then we can achieve our aim.

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