Mohammad Sadiq slams current trends of Punjabi music-industry/ singers

Chandigarh: Punjabi folk singer Mohammad Sadiq slammed current trends of singing and lyrics-writing. He said that present trends of Punjabi lyrics writing and singing will not be able to last for a longer period. “This is a temporary phase. These trends lack any strength to last for a longer period” he added.

He said that many Punjabi singers are engaged in a fame-race to get ‘popularity’ overnight. He also slammed Punjabi lyricists whose ‘pens’ are harming social values of Punjabi society.

Punjabi folk singer cum politician Mohammad Sadiq bitterly criticized and condemned vulgar songs and indecent videos.

It may be recalled that many sections of Punjabi society are raising alarm against vulgarity in Punjabi songs. Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh’s recent song Patiala peg triggered controversy over social media for glorifying liquor abuse. Another Punjabi singer Sippy Gill had to tender apology after his ‘offensive’ song-video was received widespread condemnation.

Mohammad Sadiq punjabi singer

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