Like as Kaum De Heere now “Dilli 1984” banned in India

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has banned the screening of Dilli 1984, a movie based on the life story of Bibi Jagdish Kaur, a victim of 1984 massacre and had her entire family murdered in New Delhi. The film crew is planning a promotional visit to various other countries, where they plan to release the movie.

“Dilli 1984” banned

The film board rejected certification for the movie unanimously. The certification board alleged that the movie is “not fit for public viewing.” and also rejected the proposal to remove objectionable scenes from the movie. The board held that the film could once again disturb the peace. And to add the board said that the movie could influence the pending cases against Jagdish Tytler.

Movie: ‘Dilli 1984′

Starring: Guggu Gill, Rama Vij, Gurdeep Mehndi, Jessica, Seema Kular, Preet Bal, Rana Ahluwalia, and Raj Premi

Director: Ashok Gupta

Producers: Subash Gupta, Vijay Diamond, Rana Ahluwalia, Baghi Sandhu

Story: Ashok Gupta

Dialogues: Rajwinder Samrala

Music: Daler Mehndi, Gurdeep Mehndi

Lyrics: Ashok Gupta, Preet Mohinder Tiwari

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