khalsa College for Women Ludhiana organized an open show of Vulgarity

As on one side  we are  preparing students  for a specific carrer ,teaching them social values ,discipline to make a well developed nation and also raising voice to stop the vulgarity that has become a trend in punjabi songs now adays.But on the other side  , Head of an exclusive organisation  Khalsa college for women Ludhiana  has  organized  a show, presented by Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal,reached there to promote their upcoming movie “Double the Trouble” , along with that also  give him  blessings to acheive success with “leaps and bounds”, Now adays  these are the only guys that are immensing vulgarity by releasing  misogynist songs like “pi pi whiskey kudi da rang lal ho geya”.

gippy grewal

As we are listening, many Punjabi songs depict women as “mere enjoyment objects”.Besides that Gippy Greawal presented some stanzas of totally objectionable songs in front of teachers like “tu feeling laindi reh gayi ,teri saheli number le gayi”, kudiya ta hor v vatheriya ne ,KHALSA COLLEGE waliye tu khaas e mere layi”.This all was bit surprising as all the staff members were  enjoying this vulgrity  instead of stopping it.In the end we can say that  if we dont come forward to stop this then it will just become  a dream for us to ban  songs containing obscene and misogynist lyrics.

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