Kaum De Heere movie under political pressure Producer Satish Katyal

 Satish Katyal, producer of the movie, has said that ban on Kaum De Heere movie under political pressure. Satish Katyal said that if did not get permission to release his film in the next few days, he will knock on the doors of the court.

Reacting to the stalling of the film’s release by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Satish Katyal said the decision appeared to have been taken under political pressure.

 Satish Katyal, producer

He said that since the certificate issued by the Central Board of Film Certification had only been withdrawn and the film not banned, he would first re-apply to the Board, and approach the courts if his request was turned down.

The movie is based on the real life events of the assassination of culprit Indira Gandhi. It depicts the true story of Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh Ji, Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh Ji and Shaheed Bhai Kehar Singh Ji, who punished Gandhi for her devious plan to attack the heart of the Sikh religion. India claims to be the world’s largest democracy but always seems to persecute minorities within the country.

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