Indian Censor board clears movie “Insaaf Di Udeek ” Dilli 1984 Massacre

Chandigarh 8 Jan 2015 : A story based on the life of Bibi Jagdeep Kaur ‘Insaaf Di Udeek , Dilli 1984 Massacre’ is going to release in India. This film about the eyes witness and victim of massacre done after the murder of prime minister Indira Gandhi,which also depicts the role of Congress leaders in inciting violence and perpetual denial of justice to the victims by the Congress governments, has now been cleared by the revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification.

Earlier, the board had simply blocked the certification without suggesting any cuts or modifications, saying that the issue of riots was subjudiced so the movie could not be recommended for release. However, now the board’s revising committee has suggested two scene cuts – setting a child ablaze, a rape and kicking of a turban – apart from asking to mute one particular word in a dialogue which “a leader” uses for the Sikh community while asking the mob to kill them.

Dilli 1984 movie music by Gurdeep Mehndi and Harry Sandhu and  Daler Mehndi, Gurdeep Mehndi, Jasveer Jassi, Shipra Goyal and Mannu and also has one song by Sukhminder Singh Hansra

Starring: Guggu Gill, Rama Vij, Gurdeep Mehndi, Jessica, Seema Kular, Preet Bal and Raj Premi

Director: Ashok Gupta

Producers: Subash Gupta, Balbir Kaur Nahar

Story: Baljinder Kaur Sandhu

Music: Daler Mehndi, Gurdeep Mehndi

Lyrics: Ashok Gupta, Preet Mohinder Tiwari

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