‘Holiday’ Movie Review

‘Holiday – A Soldier is Never Off Duty’ is the remake of Tamli movie Thuppakki. This movie is directed by A.R. Murgadoss. A.R. Murgadoss also directed the superhit movie ‘Ghajini’ in 2009 with Aamir Khan. This movie too is a complete mass entertainer, and has a very engaging story line to it.

A holiday is a time when you want to call it quits with your outside world and take some time off with your family, or friends, or sometimes even by yourself. But that’s definitely not what a holiday means for all of us, at least not for the people in the defense forces. There are very few films that have an engaging power in it.

Captain Virat Bakshi, an army man comes back home to Mumbai for his holidays. His family takes him to see a bride, and he feels the girl is too soft and an introvert. Later in another occasion, he finds out that she is actually a boxer and is surprised by her personality. Having a police man friend, and the love he develops for this girl, the film revolves around the fun that happens among the three.

Akshay-Sonakshi in Holiday

Until at a point, an anti social activity in the heart of Mumbai city gets him involved into something huge. Virat Bakshi being a patriot and a special agent in the Indian Army is dragged into a huge network of terrorism. The rest of the story is about him fighting against the wittiest of Terror head, and how he swipes out the city of Mumbai from Sleeper cells. The film ends with a dedication to the Indian Army.

The direction, story, screen play is impeccable in the film. Kudos to A.R. Murugadoss for being able to create an awesome visual treat. Natarajan Subramaniam’s cinematography is very gripping and some of the complex scenes have been executed amazingly well.¬†Pritam Chakraborty¬†has given some good music, but the only reason for that is to bring out the romantic angle between Akshay and Sonakshi.

This film is a complete mass entertainer, which will cater to every audience. Even though it is a mass entertainer, it has a very strong message. This should definitely be a part of your weekend plans as it will be totally worth your time. So this weekend enjoy your “Holiday”!

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