“Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo” freshens the Punjabi Cinema ||Review

“Well begun is half done” and if the film’s beginning is good, the audience is bound till the climax. A movie is a medium of scenes and screenplay provides sequence to the scenes. This is the reason why setting the beginning of movie is considered the toughest job. The capability of a director is judged by his story telling way.

Goreya Nu Dafaa Karo review
The recently released “Goreya Nu Daffa Karo” is a good example set by the young director Pankaj Batra. The film begins from a backward village of Punjab and reaches to the Canada. The movie has an interesting start. Instead of glorifying the film with urbanization, the movie is more centralized with the regional touch. Though the movie has a comedy theme, but the director hasn’t used any cheap comedy tricks to entertain the audience. The situations eventually add the humor to the movie. An old man who hails from a small village in Punjab, gets insulted by some foreigners and develops hatred towards all foreigners. Since he fails to avenge his father’s death so reacts in odd ways. If grandfather is anti towards all foreigners and grandson falls in love with a foreigner girl, the situation is ought to become tensed, but turns out to be comical in this movie.
Roop (Aman Khatkar) who studied in foreign, returns home and discloses to his brother Kala (Amrinder Gill) that he loves Julia, a foreigner and wants to marry her. This disclosure brings a hustle in the movie and remains till climax. Kala is a notorious guy, he sets towards fulfilling his brother’s wish. Now how he manages agreeing his grandfather for the marriage and even fulfills his grandfather’s wish. Meanwhile, Kala falls in love with Alisha (Amrita Maghera) who is visiting India to see Roop’s house. Now both brothers get married to their loved ones and hence the grandfather also quits his hatred. The director has chosen perfect actors for their respective roles. The other main characters of the movie are Sardar Sohi as uncle, Rana Ranbir as brother –in-law, Binu Dhillon as Maan Saab and Karanjit Anmol as a bachelor. All have their own importance. Amrita Maghera has well suited the Alisha’s role. Instead of overdoing the makeup, the Director has presented her the way she is. The film has got incredible music. The master of music world, Amrinder Singh could not do well in acting field as per now, but this movie has made that a past statement. The first half of this 2 hour 15 min movie is much interesting than the second one. In second half, the director has delayed the movie in some of the scenes. Kato.. Kahtoo, this phrase adds a humor to the movie.

Like the recent releases as Rohit Jugraaj’s ‘Jatt James Bond’ acted by Gippy Grewal and Anuraag Singh’s ‘Punjab 1984’ acted by Diljit Dosanjh , this movie is also categorized in success releases. (These are my personal views, you could have opposite views for the same).

By :-Sapan Manchanda

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