Film is going to be picturised on massacre of Nankana Sahib,1921

Jalandhar(Nov 10, 2014 ) The activities of bringing sikh history to the film screen by extracting it from books and Granths have been started.In recent times, some part of Sikh history from late 20th century have been brought on screen.but now an international level film is going to be picturised on the beginning session of 20th century Sikh history, about massacre of Nankana Sahib,1921. This film will be produced by Sukhbir sindhar films.

film on Saka-Nankana-Sahib

This massacre of Nankana sahib took place on 20th feb,1921. When a group of 150 Sikhs went peacefully to the chief of monastery at that time, to unbound Gurudwara.. The chief had illegally gripped that Gurudwara into his custody. He killed all the people heartlessly.
The film is written and directed by Jagmeet Singh Samundri. He has written this film after a great hard work of two years research. Sukhbir Singh Sandhar told that the names of actors and other people related to the shooting of film will be unveiled in the press conference in few days.
This massacre brought consciousness in Sikh community to handover the gurudwara management to khalsa panth. The Sikh community took breathe after relieving all holy Sikh places and Gurudwaras from the corrupt Mahants. In this massacre, the leader of Sikh community, Bhai lachhman Singh was Martyr(died) .

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