Exclusive Interview of famous Lyricist, Writer, Producer & Director Amardeep Singh Gill

Sat Shri Akal Everybody.Today We Are With Director Of Famous Movie “Sutta Naag” And Writer Of Most Awaited Movie “Yoddha-The Warrior”. In General A Director Have Very Busy Schedule But After This S.Amardeep Singh Gill Gives Us His Precious Time. For This We Are Very Thankful To Him.So Let’s Begin With The Interview.
* The Questions In This Interview Are Asked By Karan Goyal And Answered By Amardeep Singh Gill Ji.

amardeep singh gill

Ques 1:First of All I Want To Know That At Which Moment Of Life You Feel That You Should Become A Director?

Answer: From My Childhood I Want To Become A Director.I Was Of Seven years When I Saw Hindi Movie “SHOLAY”. From Then I Determinate That I Will Become A Director But It Takes A Time Of 35 Years And 4-5 Years Earlier I Decided That I Will Surely Direct A Movie.

Ques 2: Can You Please Tell Me Something About the First Movie You Have Directed And What Was The Difficulties Faced By You?

Answer: My First Movie Was A Short Film Of 43 Minutes And Its Name Is “SUTTA NAAG”. For Directing This Movie I Cannot Find Any Producer. So With The Help Of My Friends I Did This Movie. This Movie Was Based On A 60 Years Old Story Written By Famous Writer “Ram Sarup Ankhi”. I Really Did Lots Of Hard Work To Make This Movie. I Spent A Whole Year For Doing This Movie.

Ques 3: As We See In The Modern Movies The Punjabi Culture Is Going Extinct. Watching Which Movie Makes You Feel That Punjabism Cannot Go Extinct?

Answer: In General I Like Old Movies More than The New Movies. Some Of My Favorite Movies Are ‘Long Da Lishkara’ ‘Chan Pardesi’ ‘Shaheed-E-Mohabbat Boota Singh’ Etc.

Ques 4:Today’s Generation Is Going Far From Reality And Like To Watch Movies That Has Wrong Impact On Society. Who Do You Think Is Wrong : Maker Of The Movie or Audiences?

Answer: Audience And Maker Both Are Wrong. Audience Are More Wrong Because They Watch These Movies And Make Them Successful. After the Success Film Makers Again And Again Make Movies Like This.Today A Film With A Social Message Becomes Flop and Picture With No Reality Become A Hit. So Audience Should Not Watch Movies Like This.

Ques 5: Meanwhile, Punjabi Movies Have Low Budget But Even After This Many Bollywood Actors Are Showing Interest In Punjabi Movies. Why?

Answer: Yes, you Are Right But there Are Some Movies That Have Done A Good Business In And Out Of India Like Jatt and Juliet And Carry on Jatta. Due To This They Show There Interest In Punjabi Cinema.

Ques 6: Can You Please Put Some Light On Your Upcoming Movie “Yoddha-The Warrior” ?

Answer: This Movie Is The First Feature Film Written By Me.It Is Based On Some Of The Incidents Happened In Recent Time. Specially How Political Gundaism Harm People of Punjab. This Film Is Created By The Team of Movie “SADDA HAQ”. The Leading Role Is Of Kuljinder sidhu And The Director Is Mandeep Benipal. I Do Lot of Hard Work For 6 Months To Write This Movie. I Hope That Audience Will Like This Movie.

Ques 7: What Is Your Future Plan After This Movie?

Answer: I Am Currently Working On My Next Short Movie “KHOON”. The Shooting Of This Movie Will Start From 15 August 2014 And This Movie Is Based On A Story By Gurbachan Singh Bhullar. And This Story Is About Ancient Punjab.

Ques 8: At Last What Would You Like To Say For The Audiences?

Answer: I Would Only Like To Say That Movies Are Surely Made For Entertainment But Entertainment Is Not Just Comedy.There Are Many Subjects That Can Entertain People And Can Also Take Punjabji Cinema To The Heights Of Success. Thanks.

At Last We Are Very Thankful To S.Amardeep Singh Ji Who Gives us His Precious Time. Our Best Wishes Are Always With Him And May God Bless Him. Thanks To Everyone For Reading This Interview. Stay Tuned With Pollywood Reporter For More Such Interesting Things.

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