Dharam Seva Records Presents: BHALLA Wellbeing Of All – GAVY SINGH VIRK

Bhalla – Wellbeing Of All
Artist – Gavy Singh Virk
Music –Sukhpreet Sukh
Lyrics – Naseeb Diwana
Video – Manoj Sharma
Special Thanks – Singh Deep
Label – Dharam Seva Records

This new supplicatory single focuses on the theme of Bhalla (well-being), when we add to this Sarbat Da it stretches embrace to the entire universe. Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his shabads teaches us that the Universal One extends his munificence to all paying no regard to the karma we commit, he gives us sustenance, from his breath he breathes into us, from his oceans he quenches our thirst, from his universal body he feeds us and shelters us. We as microcosmic beings come from the One and are extensions of each other; therefore, It’s our birth right to express nothing but love to each other because Guru Ji states, ‘Toon Saajhaa Sahib Baap Hamaaraa,‘ you are the lord father of all.

Coming to you on the eve of the western New Year, we hope this track dissolves the barriers of discrimination between nations, cultures, classes, gender and people so we can come together to focus on Oneness !

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