Controversy clouds on Dosanjh’s Upcoming movie Udta Punjab

Amritsar 14 March 2015: Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh and bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor are shooting a movie ‘Udta Punjab’ in Amritsar from last 10 days.In this film along with Diljit , Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor to do a film together, have a reason to will be interesting to see two powerful actors to be part of the same project. But Government is not aware about this as film team has not informed to the government also not taken any permission for shooting.Film is being shooted in nearby Amritsar villages.

Controversy clouds on Dosanjh's Upcoming movie Udta Punjab
Controversy clouds on Dosanjh’s Upcoming movie Udta Punjab

According to Police commissioner Jatinder Aulakh,film team has not informed them for any shooting.As they have to inform the police for security purposes.Also the Deputy comissioner of Amritsar told that it is necessary to inform us before any shooting and thay have not permitted the film team of this movie.Also the district police of Amritsar told that if there will be any mishappening occur the team will be responsible itself.

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