Udta Punjab Leaked- Controversial Movie ‘Udta Punjab’ Censor Copy Leaks Online

Chandigarh 16 2016: ‪Udta Punjab Leaked- The film was the version submitted to censors and was available on some torrent websites Wednesday before producers had it removed, IANS reported. “Udta Punjab” is scheduled for release on Friday 17 June .According to PTI,  approximately 40 minutes of the movie footage is available online with ‘for censor’ written on the top left corner, according to websites.This would lead to significant loss in the business.

While Kashyap and the Udta Punjab team was still struggling to get the film approved by Punjab and Haryana High Court, this news will definitely leave them crest fallen.The producers had moved the Bombay High Court against the the board’s decision. The court cleared the film for release with just one cut.But Udta Punjab has been leaked online, just days before its scheduled theatrical release on 17 June.

Controversial Movie 'Udta Punjab' Censor Copy Leaks Online
Controversial Movie ‘Udta Punjab’ Censor Copy Leaks Online

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