Condition of martyr Udham Singh home is very pity-full

The state’s Akali Bhajpa govt’s promises for taking Care of old memories of the martyrs are now seems nothing good. Here is a new example from the old house of the great freedom fighter Shaheed Udham Singh.Inspire of the grant offered by the govt, the condition of his house seems worthless. It is necessarily to talk about that.. about 5 years ago,Punjab govt promised to give 10 lakh rupees to improve the condition of s. Udham Singh’s house. From this grant, 4.5 lakh rupees were used to renovate the outer weals of the house, but the inside condition of the house is still the same.. Due to the absence of electricity fittings., the hanging electric walls there may call an accident.The coating on the walls and down floor work is still incomplete.

udam singh

There is not any place inside to sit for the persons who visit this house.They went unsatisfied always,will this govt respect The martyrs like this or will prove to it’s promises.? When deputy commissioner Arshdeep Singh was asked to talk about this issue, he told that after discussing the issue with SDM sunam. Getting right information, the further work will b done to accomplish the renovation of the house..

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