Concerns raised over animation mode for depicting ‘Sikh Gurus’

Sikh intellectual S. Ajmer Singh recently raised concerns over animation mode for depicting imago/persona of Sikh Gurus and families of Sikh Guru Sahibs. He was talking to Sikh Siyasat’s editor Parmjeet Singh.

S. Ajmer Singh extensively analyzed the response triggered by ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ animation movie and said that the Sikhs have extended unprecedented response to ‘Chaar Sahibzaade movie. He raised a concern that the foundation of this response.

S. Ajmer Singh said that the Sikh panth had put a bar on depiction of Sikh Guru Sahib’s persona and in a way the movie has resulted in violation of Panth’s long standing decision barring personification of Sikh Gurus.

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