Clash between two groups – two dead and two injured

Saharanpur, UP, INDIA (July 26, 2014): According to information in Saharanpur clash two people have died and 19 others have been injured in violent attack by persons of Muslim community on members of Sikh community earlier today. Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) sources revealed that both deceased were Sikhs.

As per information there was a land dispute between the Wake Board and local Gurdwara management over a piece of land and the matter was pending in the court for last ten years. The court recently decided the case in favour of Sikhs.

Saharanpur clash

After the court decision some construction work was undertaken by the Sikh community members over the concerned land. Last

night members of the Muslim community attacked the Sikhs and tried to stop the construction work. The clashes today took serious turn after which curfew was clamped in Saharanpur.According to reports, many shops and vehicles were vandalised. Several policemen were among those injured as the protesters clashed and pelted stones at each other.

There’s massive security deployment in the area now. Personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) have reportedly also been called in.

There have recently been incidents of clashes between Muslim and Sikh minority communities in India. Concerned over the development some concerned personalities have formed “Sikh-Muslim Peace Mission” (SMPM).

Harwinder Singh, one of the activists of the Sikh-Muslim Peace Mission, expressed serious concerns over today’s incident. He said that SMPM representatives comprising both the communities may soon visit the affected area to find solution of the problem that had led to the clash.

Source : Sikh Portal 

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