Banned “Kaum De Heere” sharp slap on the face of cinema world

This dis-satisfactory decision of government is a sharp slap on the face of cinema world.shall the 4 people decide about we people and our films? Is this mean that there will not b any films shooted in Punjab.? Sometimes artist Gurcheat’s drama got banned, sometimes the films like ‘sada haq’ and ‘kaum de heere’ got banned.. There is no other reason that viewers feelings come out destructively, its that Punjabi audience is very intelligent. If viewers can disqualify 45 films since last year, it means this audience knows which films they need to watch.

Kaum De Heere

The decision related to films must b in hands of viewers only. This film presents the murder of former c.m indira gandhi and the three accused ( beant singh, kehar singh and satwant singh) their life and the condition and reality of their this govt know that indira gandhi is country’s unconditional matter. Indira gandhi was not only the c.m of hindus, she was the c.m of whole country.. People of the country should have rights to comment upon this incident. This culture mafia has hold its right on our art as well as artists.
By :- Sapan  Manchanda

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