APP’s Jassi Jasraj has been indicted for having voter at two places

The Mohali District Election Office has incriminated Aam Aadmi Party candidate from the bathinda seat and Punjabi singer Jasraj Singh longia, also known as Jassi Jasraj, for having named himself as voter at two places under different names, Jasraj faces a criminal case for dual votes.

In his complaint  Pardeep Singh Sidhu from Rampura had alleged that Jassi had enrolled himself as voter at two places in his home district of Mohali. Jassi’s confidant Ram Singh Azad has announced support for the Congress-PPP-CPI Candidate from Bathinda, Manpreet Badal. He alleged that a TV channel, known to be owned by the Akalis, had been giving jassi a lot of air time to ensure that the anti-incumbency votes went to APP and not Manpreet.
The AAP candidate is enrolled as voter serial number 995, part 221, Mohali, under the name of Jasraj Singh Longia, resident of Sector 71 Mohali. He is also registered as voter serial number 736, part 212, Mohali, as Karan Jasvir of Sector 70, Mohali.

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