“Aapey beej Aape hi Khahu” Malkit was warned by Khadku Singh’s but he continued non-cultural singing

“Aapey beej Aape hi Khahu” Malkit was warned by Jujharoo Singh’s not to sing explicit lyrics in the 80’s, he apologised but continued to do so.

He was also give a written letter by Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha asked “kere khu te mil na?”

He spent his entire life parading around our daughters, disgracing the PUNJAB, disgracing our MAI BOLI, our CULTURE.Year 2000 he was caught with girls in Bagleys night club london, again he apologised, but nothing changed.

He made millions by deluding people into thinking he was doe “mai boli di sewa”.. he was nothing but a gadaar who dishonoured our Panjab.This should be a wake-up call to all those male-prostitutes who dance for a few hundred quid and parade our daughters, our honour in the form of gandh-music.

Punjabi singer Malkit Singh’s daughter Amardip Bhopari jailed for sex with student

  • Amardip Bhopari, 28, met boy at school for pupils with learning disabilities
  • Court heard she sent him sexual texts after he gave her his phone number
  • Pair had sex in her car, on an industrial estate and even in her classroom
  • On youngster’s birthday she took him to a hotel where they drank vodka
  • On Friday Bhopari was jailed for two years at Birmingham Crown Court  

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