A School Girl Thrashes Boy Who Harassed Her | Inside Police Station

U.P ,7 July 2015: Inside Police Station, School girl Thrashes Boy Who Harassed Her ,In a video clip a schoolgirl beats, kicks and slaps a boy who had allegedly harassed her, as a policeman watches in the background.
Sanjana, a Class 11 student from Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district, thrashed the boy inside a police station, right in front of officers, until he apologised and fell at her feet. At one point, she twists his arm.
A furious Sanjana finally takes off her shoe and starts beating him with it, asking him over and over whether he would dare to abuse anyone ever again.
The offender, identified as Ankit, was notorious for harassing girls in the area. It was Sanjana who decided to stand up to him. When she realized that he was following her, she walked towards the police station and dragged him inside. And then proceeded to teach him a lesson he is unlikely to forget soon.

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