A mother beat up the director of Mayor World School, Jalandhar

Jalandhar 25  April 2015: A mother beat up the director of Mayor World School, Jalandhar after her daughter was prohibited from carrying a mobile phone by the latter. Taranjit Kaur Hundal, wife of lawyer KS Hundal stormed into the office of school director Jyoti Nagrani. She closed the door from inside and not only allegedly hurled abuses at Nagrani, but also beat her up. She even could be seen trying to strangulate director.

A police complaint has been filed in this case and investigation are on.
This sparks a debate whether students should be allowed to use mobile in schools or not. If yes, to what extent they should be allowed.
Moreover how far parents are right in giving freedom to their kids to use mobile in schools. And going to the extent of a harassing school teacher for banning its use in class.

Mobile can be very useful in protecting oneself and to be connected to the world. However, its misuse especially by the students due to their innocence and immaturity could lead them to big troubles.
We hope every parent and student understands pros and cons of it; and make use of it wisely and for the good.

“Supporting bad behavior of your children will make them dare more and develop them into reckless kids with no sense of responsibility; and respect for others.
Parents should understand this and support teachers in shaping children’s career and characters, to build better society. It is unacceptable to use your powers physical or otherwise to silent them on good they are doing to your kid and sending right message to all the others.

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